PTS Demolition acquire a Kleemann MC 100 R EVO Jaw Crusher

31 March 2015

The new MC 100 R EVO jaw crusher from Kleemann is a true all-rounder: It crushes unreinforced and reinforced concrete, asphalt and brick, as well as natural stone. The machine is easily transportable and can be made to work with minimum set up time almost anywhere due to its compact nature. The MC 100 R EVO has been in operation for a few weeks now at PTS Demolition & Dismantling Ltd. The demolition and recycling company with its head office in County Durham has already used the crusher on various construction sites and is impressed with the advanced diesel-electric drive technology, the simple handling and the economy of the plant. They are operating the mobile jaw crusher at a sensationally high production with minimum fuel consumption rate.

Managing Director, Dave Gauja, was looking for a mobile jaw crusher for his diverse demolition and recycling work. Up to now he had used crushers from other brands, but never a Kleemann plant. So why now? "A typical job for us involves crushing around 1500 m³ in 2-3 days. Then it is on to the next construction site. We therefore needed a machine that is easy to transport." The Mobicat 100 R EVO optimally satisfies this requirement. "Transportation is made considerably easy with the plant’s compact design and weighing only 34 t", adds Dave Gauja.

Metal separator, CFS and Large Crusher Jaws
But he is also impressed with the quality of the crusher. A big plus is the efficient metal separation and the ability to raise and lower the magnet from the remote control, thus minimising downtime due to build-up of recycled metal material. The Continuous Feed System (CFS) ensures simple handling. This control always adapts the frequencies of the feeder trough and grizzly to the current feed level. The material flow is guaranteed, thus resulting in high production capacity and consistent material shape. The longer, high-raised articulated swing jaw is also proving a big hit at PTS Demolition. It allows oversized material to be processed in the crusher, prevents blockages of oversize material and protects the securing elements of the crusher jaw against wear. “Last but not least the ability to hydraulically adjust the jaw whilst in operation and excellent clearance to the main conveyor belt can facilitate minimum downtime if a piece of reinforced concrete or foreign material gets wedged", states the Managing Director of PTS Demolition.

Large project: Recycling of A1
In the coming months the MC 100 R EVO will mainly be seen around the A1 in the north of England. It will be deployed there for the demolition of 5 bridges, various buildings and petrol stations. "We will tackle this material with our new Kleemann jaw crusher. The crushed material will then be reused directly for the manufacture of new concrete." Moreover, the work can also be completed at dusk or in the dark, as PTS Demolition has equipped the jaw crusher with halogen lighting which can easily be run from the generator on the crusher. Dave Gauja also integrated a full dust suppression system to reduce dust for use in residential and business areas.

Impressive Reduction of Fuel Consumption
A real highlight is also the efficiency, or more precisely the huge fuel savings provided by the diesel-electric operation of the machine. "In this performance class the consumption is typically around 25 – 30 litres of diesel per hour for a diesel-hydraulic operated machine, however, the MC 100 R EVO does not guzzle as much fuel. “Up to now we have been operating the plant using approximately 7.5 litres of diesel per hour. This is fantastic", delights Dave Gauja. In this way, he can reduce the fuel costs up to 70%.

Unmatched Customer Service
Last but not least, the quality of the customer service also played a role in the decision to purchase. "We are constantly hearing from existing customers that the service provided by Wirtgen Limited, who also maintains Kleemann products, is second to none and that the company provides a fast and reliable service with regard to spare and wear parts", states the Managing Director. "An advantage we will certainly appreciate later on when it comes to the fast delivery of wear parts."